Who We Are

All Things Green Extraction and Processing is a white label botanical extraction and processing solution provider of regulated and non-regulated products. Our state-of-the-art facility is located along the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, just outside of Halifax Regional Municipality

Eastern Shore, NS

Our home is along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia which stretches from Halifax Harbour all the way to the Strait of Canso showcasing a rugged, untamed coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. This portion of Nova Scotia’s 13,300 km coastline is home to beautiful beaches such as Taylor’s Head, a local economy driven by tourism, agriculture, forestry and fishing, access to amazing recreational activities such as sailing and hiking, and is home to the 100 Wild Islands – “the most valuable islands you’ve never heard of”. 100 Wild Islands is a stunning archipelago with white sandy beaches and boreal forests and have been largely undisturbed for over 10 000 years. Check outhttps://www.100wildislands.ca/to learn more about the “100 Wild Islands Legacy” – an effort to protect and preserve this irreplaceable region close to our home.

Our Promise

We are passionate about the environment and doing what we can to encourage sustainability. We are consistently looking for ways to implement processes to decrease our carbon footprint. All Things Green Extraction and Processing is committed to:

  • Using innovative ways to recycle/reuse spent material;
  • Manufacture products by upcycling viable material for value adds in industries such as food/beverage, brewing, nutraceuticals, and cannabis/hemp.
  • Promote the use of biodegradable or recycled packaging in all end user products where possible.

If you have an unique idea we would love to hear from you !

Wind Powered

Perched upon a drumlin, along the rugged, windy coast of the open Atlantic Ocean – our facility intends to incorporate renewable energy as soon as possible. In fact, according to Canada Wind Energy Associations, Nova Scotia currently has over 317 MW of wind energy capacity with 176 turbines, one of which is directly next to our facility known as the Watts Wind project.

This nearby turbine has a generating capacity of 1.5 megawatts which is enough energy to generate power for 375 Nova Scotia homes. All Things Green Extractions and Processing intends to either erect or tap into wind energy sources as soon as possible.

Let’s work together.