A global multi-billion-dollar industry that is expanding at a rapid rate with new developments in product formulations occurring frequently – All Things Green Extraction and Processing is ready to service a broad range of nutraceuticals. A steady and safe supply of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG in combination with keeping a pulse on alternative medicine and nutrient orientated products/supplements, All Things Green Extractions and Processing is well positioned to execute on our clients present and future needs.

Prior to releasing a product its very important to make sure that its backed by science and research; something that All Things Green Extraction and Processing is committed to in every aspect of its existence. Real products that deliver real results from a quality tested and controlled facility that sets a solid standard of confidence and consistency in all our endeavors.

Animal Health

We are committed to doing research on cannabinoids and its effect on animals since it is a known fact our pets also have an endocannabinoid system.  There have been several studies on CBD which have indicated favorable effects for treating pain, anxiety, and aids with sleep. Much more research needs to be done and All Things Green Extraction and Processing is committed to servicing the veterinary sector with safe and effective product formulations that are backed by science and research.

Let’s work together.